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We’ll provide you the social graphics you need to get your favorite product to the Top 4!

Want to help your favorite product make it to the Top 4? We’ve provided an amplifier toolkit below that provides you with the social graphics and sample posts you need to promote your nominee! Just copy and paste to spread the word and build the hype. And don’t forget to sign up for updates: we’ll let you know when we’re narrowing the field of voting and announcing our semi-finalists!

Voting: Social Graphics and Templates

Right click to save and use images. Copy and paste sample text on your channels, if desired. We’d love to see your content, so use #CoolestThingMadeinNC and @NCChamber in your posts!

I just voted for (PRODUCT) as the Coolest Thing Made in NC. Support this amazing company by voting below! https://coolestthingmadeinnc.com/vote-now/ #CoolestThingMadeinNC @NCChamber

I just voted for (PRODUCT) as the Coolest Thing Made in NC. You can support them here! https://coolestthingmadeinnc.com/vote-now/ #CoolestThingMadeinNC @NCChamber

The Coolest Thing Made in NC will be announced October 2. Voting is open NOW! Go support [PRODUCT] by voting below! https://coolestthingmadeinnc.com/vote-now/ #CoolestThingMadeinNC @NCChamber