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Manufacturing is the backbone
of a strong economy.

And it’s worth celebrating.

What’s Made in North Carolina
Makes North Carolina

The Coolest Thing Made in NC is a celebration of our state’s manufacturing community, spearheaded by the NC Chamber.

Our mission is to research, develop, advocate, and communicate for solutions and policies that produce a nationally competitive business climate in North Carolina. As the state affiliate for the National Association of Manufacturers, the NC Chamber understands that a strong manufacturing industry is the backbone of our state’s economy and critical to our competitiveness.

From consumer goods like furniture, tape, textiles, and food to pharmaceuticals, construction and vehicle equipment, steel, and more, the products created by manufacturers fuel everything that happens in our state.

Read more about how the NC Chamber serves as the voice for our state’s manufacturers.

Gary Salamido, President and CEO of the NC Chamber

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Baxter touches the lives of millions of people around the world every day. Our products and therapies can be found throughout hospitals and clinics – from the ER to the OR, from the pharmacy to the ICU – as well as advancing patients’ care in their homes.  

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Business North Carolina

“We do what nobody else does – cover one very special place, this state and its economy, which is as diverse as the people who call it home.”

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Supporting Organization

NC Manufacturing Extension Partnership

The North Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NCMEP) is a network of nine North Carolina organizations that provide extension services designed to enhance the productivity, innovative capacity and technological performance of NC manufacturing companies. Together, we work for a common goal of providing solutions and services that help our clients save time and energy, improve productivity, increase sales, improve profits and create and retain jobs. NCMEP is the official representative of the MEP National Network ™, a unique public-private partnership that delivers comprehensive, proven solutions to U.S. manufacturers, and NIST MEP in North Carolina.